Our Pricing Policy

Bespoke Pricing

We understand that the cost of care is daunting for many people, what level of care do you or your loved one need? Are there any hidden costs? What happens when I or my loved ones care needs change? We are proud to be not for profit which guarantees that you only pay for the care given, not to create wealth for shareholders.

  • Our Fees and charges are based around individual assessment and needs, this enables us to provide bespoke individual care packages that help keep people safe, well and happy.
  • There is an initial trial period of 6 weeks. This period works both ways so that we can make sure everyone is happy with the care given.
  • If a person’s funding arrangements change, all best efforts are made to minimise the impact on the individual themselves whilst a permanent resolution is sought.

If you would like more information or would like to us to created a bespoke price plan contact us here